Our Job


MVWine Broker and Consultant

The MVwine deals with professional consulting for small companies producing quality wines and planning to create both their Italian and foreign commercial network.

Our job consists of two phases:

Firstly, we try to put producers into contact with national and international partners, in order to divulge the company philosophy, the wine producers' products and projects.

Secondly, the Mvwine introduces directly our partners into the market, so that it would be perceived by the end user. That enables the market penetration and incentivizes the product demand.

Having more companies in our portfolio let us to decrease the commercialization costs and to increase the opportunities of introducing the products, that is to say of voicing the companies. “We are not an agency, we are part of the company”.

The MVwine deals with professional advices for small farms that produce quality wines and that plan to create their own Italian and foreign commercial network