MVWine Broker and Consultant

Ownership: Famiglia Miliotti                                                        

Enologist: Alessio Miliotti

Hectares planted with vines: 25

Organic run

The Sticciano Estate, located on the municipal district of Certaldo, boasts an over three centuries history and a past linked to the Medici Family which represents the origins of its own wine-growing and producing activity. In 2003 the company was bought by Miliotti family which started an ambitious project for the production of high-quality wines, in defense of nature and territory. Thus, the organic certification obtained in 2011 represents Alessio Miliotti's production philosophy.


Chianti Maggiano

Chianti Riserva della Villa

Chardonnay Montecrespoli

Primo I.G.T. 80% Prinot Grigio 20% Chardonnay

Attimo I.G.T. 50% Merlot 50% Syrah 

Canstastorie I.G.T. 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 50% Sangiovese 


Argento Grappa di Chardonnay